Get in our GREEN SPACE

The GREEN SPACE at The Green Well is a guaranteed reservation for you and up to three of your friends to "Get Experienced" at The Green Well. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday be first to respond to our Facebook post, and our GREEN SPACE will be ready and waiting for you that very evening! You choose the time you'd like to dine.

Your Green Well "experience" is an opportunity to learn more about why and how we do things at The Green Well and perhaps even enjoy a little something special. The only way into our GREEN SPACE is through Facebook, so be sure to check our Facebook page between 12 pm and 3 pm each GREEN SPACE day. If you are the first to respond, you will get the Green Pass to get in our GREEN SPACE.

Attention: Facebook has changed the way comments are ordered in a post thread. We will closely monitor the GREEN SPACE posting and gather post times from what we see on screen. (Note: we are using, not the Facebook App).